Deion Rule Explained

I would like to thank Miguel and AdamJT13 for aiding my knowledge of this rule.

The Deion Sanders rule applies to contracts that extend from a capped year into any uncapped year.  It says that the base salaries, roster bonuses, and reporting bonuses (I will call these "non-prorated" salaries from here on out) in the capped years (or first 3 years of the deal if there are less than 3 capped seasons) must be at least as much as the total prorations in those years.  If the non-prorated salaries are less than the prorations, the difference will be equally subtracted from each uncapped year and redistributed equally to the capped years.  If the difference is greater than 50% of the combined prorations in uncapped years, the 50% would be used instead; which ever number is less.  If a player signs a new deal before an old deal has expired, the prorations from the old deal will not apply to the calculation.  Also, if an option bonus is going to be paid after the first year, the prorations from the option bonus aren't factored into the equation until it is paid.

All base salaries, roster bonuses, prorations, or any other salaries can be found on the player's contract documentation page.

Shawn Andrews
Non-Prorated Salary=2,073,750
Prorations in Capped Years=2,300,000
50% of Prorations in Uncapped Years=1,600,000
Deion Charges in Capped Years(05-06)=113,125
Cap Credits in Uncapped Years(07-09)=75,417
Jerome McDougle
Non-Prorated Salary=2,090,000
Prorations in Capped Years=3,597,500
50% of Prorations in Uncapped Years=1,032,500
Deion Charges in Capped Years(04-06)=344,167
Cap Credits in Uncapped Years(07-08)=516,250
Sheldon Brown
Non-Prorated Salary=1,385,000
Prorations in Capped Years=3,750,000
50% of Prorations in Uncapped Years=1,875,000
Deion Charges in Capped Years(04-06)=625,000
Cap Credits in Uncapped Years(07-09)=625,000
Lito Sheppard
Non-Prorated Salary=1,624,000
Prorations in Capped Years=4,350,000
50% of Prorations in Uncapped Years=2,175,000
Deion Charges in Capped Years(04-06)=725,000
Cap Credits in Uncapped Years(07-09)=725,000
Jerome McDougle- $516,250 (credit)
Shawn Andrews- $75,417 (credit)
Lito Sheppard- $725,000 (credit)
Sheldon Brown- $625,000 (credit)




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